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The Fast Growing Landscape Trends in Artificial Grass And Pavers

Paverstone walkway with artificial grass backyard installation in Yorba Linda, Ca
Paverstone walkway with artificial grass backyard installation in Yorba Linda, Ca

By: Bryan Gustavson | April 18, 2020

It’s an ever-changing world in the land of landscape and hardscape. And this could not be truer when we’re talking about pavers and artificial grass.

Artificial grass and pavers really go hand-in-hand. So it’s really not surprising that these 2 landscape/hardscape options are the fastest-growing trends in Orange County, CA.

Just look at this data graph analyzing the popularity of web search inquiries based on regions from Google Trends.

google trend for pavers and artificial grass in orange county ca
Google trend for pavers and artificial grass in Orange County, CA

As you can see, since the beginning of 2004 there has been this steady incline in various outdoor remodeling interests — specifically pavers and artificial grass for Southern California.

Peak interest for pavers originally hit early 2004 when this hardscape trend started becoming more accessible to residential properties. Similar spikes in interest have been holding steady since summer of 2014, with artificial grass only recently following very similar paver trend patterns in recent years.

In fact, artificial grass continues a steady rise even today with a particular peak interest in April, 2015.

What’s also important to note is these particular hardscape and landscape trend search inquiries have consistently spiked in activity every summer season (usually May-July/August). This makes sense since outdoor living elements — especially paver remodels and artificial grass installations — are ideal in environments made for gathering and fun under the California sun.

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