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Outdoor Design

Outdoor Design, Irvine, CA While many Orange County homeowners have stunning backyards and outdoor living areas, achieving optimal utilization requires professional design and planning. Simple Outdoor Living bridges this gap by offering end-to-end design solutions.

Our skilled team expertly designs and installs various hardscaping elements, transforming your outdoor space into a functional and visually captivating haven tailored to your unique vision and lifestyle.

Let Simple Outdoor Living craft the perfect outdoor oasis for you. We offer comprehensive services to transform your plain outdoor canvas into an unparalleled beauty and functionality oasis. We collaborate with you every step of the way, working closely to understand your unique style, needs, and budget from initial brainstorming to final touches.

Our team guides you through the exciting world of material selection, offering insights and expert advice to ensure your vision takes form exactly as you imagined.

The Full Backyard Experience

Whether you envision a tranquil sanctuary adorned with cascading water features or a vibrant hub for entertaining friends and family, we bring your desires to life with attention to detail. We can help you unlock the full potential of your outdoor haven and create a space that reflects your personality and meets your family's needs. We provide the whole backyard experience with:

  • Outdoor Living - We design and create spaces that blend functionality and beauty seamlessly. Imagine relaxing on a custom patio, dining under a pergola draped in fragrant vines, or gathering around a crackling fire pit. We can bring your vision to life, from comfortable seating areas to outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces, ensuring your backyard becomes your favorite retreat.

  • Hardscaping - Elevate your outdoor space with stunning hardscaping elements. We expertly craft patios, walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens using high-quality materials like natural stone, pavers, and concrete. Our focus on meticulous construction and expert drainage solutions ensures your hardscaping is both aesthetically pleasing and built to last.

  • Landscaping - Let us transform your barren backyard into a thriving green haven. We select and install the perfect plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers to complement your hardscaping and architectural style. We also offer comprehensive landscaping services, including planting, mulch installation, irrigation systems, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your landscape flourishes year-round.

  • Water Features - Add a touch of tranquility and elegance with a captivating water feature. From cascading waterfalls and serene ponds to bubbling fountains and reflecting pools, we design and install water features that enhance the sensory experience of your outdoor space. Our expertise ensures your water feature is beautiful and operates efficiently and sustainably.

Inspired Outdoor Design Services

We utilize diverse elements and features, from custom patios and pergolas to fire pits and water features, to create a unique space that perfectly reflects your individual style and fulfills your functional needs. Our meticulous planning ensures every detail, from the flow of the space to the placement of each element, is harmoniously orchestrated to create an outdoor haven you'll cherish for years to come.

We go beyond simply maximizing your property's potential; we unlock its hidden beauty, weaving together your vision, our expertise, and nature's magic to bring your dream outdoor living area to life. For more information about our outdoor design services, call Simple Outdoor Living at 714-388-5878 or email us through this Contact Us form.