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Top 3 Myths About Artificial Grass

Backyard artificial grass installation in Fullerton, CA
Artificial grass installation in Fullerton, CA

By: Bryan Gustavson | April 2, 2020

With the explosive rise in artificial lawns throughout Orange County, we get inundated with tons of questions every month regarding this landscaping trend.

In fact, we filter almost 100 questions about artificial grass every week. And with that, we’ve started noticing some patterns to our customers’ inquiries. So we thought we’d make it easy for everyone!

Top 3 Myths About Artificial Grass Infographic
Top 3 Myths About Artificial Grass Infographic

Here are the top 3 myths we hear about artificial grass:

Myth #1 Artificial Grass Doesn’t Hold Up to the California Sun

This myth comes from the fact that artificial grass can absorb more heat than live grass. We often hear from our customers that they worry synthetic grass will get too hot for their kids and pets to play on.

Decades ago, older technologies of artificial turf have been known to absorb and transfer heat very easily. The materials used and methods of installation were inferior to say the least. For years this gave synthetic grass a bad name, which is probably why it’s taken a while for it to really catch on.

We now use high-quality synthetic fibers through newer technology breakthroughs, varying grass color schemes, and highly effective subsurface cooling systems during the installation process to help keep surface temperatures down.

This allows artificial lawns to stay comfortable in most climates — especially during those hot summer months here in Southern California.

Myth #2 Artificial Grass is Too Expensive

Travertine Paverstone Patio with Artificial Grass in Dana Point, CA
Travertine Paverstone Patio with Artificial Grass in Dana Point, CA

While it’s true the upfront costs of installing an artificial lawn can cost more than placing old-fashioned sod, the long-term savings almost always beats traditional lawn expenses.

With your artificial grass, you save money on your monthly landscape expenses in many, many ways. This is likely one of the main reasons so many OC residents are switching over to artificial grass. It honestly has become a much more affordable option over the years.

Here is a short list of the savings you get with synthetic turf:

  • No water needed for your lawn.
  • No need to hire a lawn service.
  • No wasted hours mowing your yard.
  • No need for weed control.
  • No resoding your yard over time.
  • No need for lawn aeration maintenance.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to see the long-term savings far outweigh the initial cost of installing an artificial lawn.

Myth #3 Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look Like Real Grass

Artificial Grass Installed in Anaheim, CA
Artificial grass installed in the backyard of a home located in Anaheim, CA

This is probably the biggest myth we hear about synthetic grass. It’s almost an everyday question customers ask:

“Does artificial grass really look like the real thing?”

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is absolutely, undoubtedly, positively, 100% heck yes! It’s incredible how far we’ve come in the artificial lawn industry.

Artificial grass is nearly indistinguishable from traditional grass. Certain types can even feel like live grass. Again, advances in landscape technology have blurred the lines between what’s organic and what’s inorganic, or manmade. Artificial green has also allowed homeowners to be more green for the planet too.

Sometimes the only way you’ll know whether your neighbor’s yard uses artificial grass is if it’s always a beautiful lush green throughout the year, with perfectly trimmed edges and no dead grass spots to be found.

Now that we’ve dispelled some of these myths, contact us for more information on how we can transform your lawn today.