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What is Artificial Grass Anyway and What is it Made of?

Artificial Grass, Orange County, CA

By: Bryan Gustavson | April 13, 2020

Artificial grass, synthetic turf, or is it artificial turf, synthetic grass? Whatever name you want to give it, it’s all the same.

But what exactly is it anyway?

What is Artificial Grass?

Google these terms and you’ll receive a wealth of resources all attempting to capture the essence of artificial grass.

Artificial grass, Irvine CA
340 million results to be exact.

Simply put though, artificial grass is a completely low-maintenance and eco-friendly landscape system made of synthetic material (polyethylene and nylon fibers) to both mimic and look like a live lawn. In other words, it brings all the parts of our yard we enjoy, such as a full rich green lawn with neatly trimmed edges all year long, without the traditional landscaping hassles all homeowners can relate to.

Artificial grass installation in Aliso Viejo, CA
Artificial grass installation in Aliso Viejo, CA

Which landscape hassles exactly? How about no more rising water bills, no more weekend yard work of mowing the lawn, no more hiring a landscaping crew every month, no more yard eyesores like dead grass spots or browning, no more random ant hills in the middle of the yard, no more mud run-off onto your driveway and walkways, and no more of Fido dragging dirt into the house after answering nature’s call.

Artificial grass is exactly how it sounds: it replaces a live landscape with an artificial one. But it’s so much more than that. The advantages of synthetic turf far exceed homeowners’ expectations. Between the monthly savings and stunning aesthetics, to the free time and usability it inherently offers, there are a million reasons why artificial lawns are one of the fastest-growing trends in Southern California landscaping.

It’s true what they say: Life really is short. So anything that gives homeowners back their free time, more money in their wallets to spend on important things, and benefits the planet through smaller carbon footprints are all well worth looking into.

What is Artificial Grass Made of?

Synthetic turf has actually been around for several decades. However, the artificial grass of yesteryear has come a long way. No longer does it hold the perception of merely cheap “plastic carpet” laid out on a plot of dirt where natural grass would be better suited.

Artificial Turf, Yorba Linda, CA
Artificial turf nearly indistinguishable from live grass Yorba Linda, CA

Artificial turf today is made up of advanced landscape technology in synthetic fibers. Namely, they’re largely made of specific synthetic materials such as polyethylene or nylon — thermoplastics used in everything from bulletproof jackets and textile goods, to clothing fabrics and medical devices.

Having artificial blades of grass made from these types of materials allow for several unique features natural lawns simply can’t offer. For instance, no watering is needed since it’s not alive — an evenly trimmed green lawn year long. They also can be more durable, UV resistant, and possibly even recycled to be made into other things we use on a daily basis. Greener for the planet and your wallet.

Artificial Grass Driveway Remodel in Coto de Caza, CA
Artificial Grass Driveway Remodel in Coto de Caza, CA

But why take our word for it!? We can provide samples so you can see and touch synthetic turf for yourself. Contact our office today and let us show you the real possibilities of artificial grass.